17426719_s.jpgHappy Nappy is Canada's leading cloth diaper service.  We can provide you with diapersdiaper covers, bagspails and diaper creams.


greenheart.pngOur mission is to provide a cost effective, healthy, natural and environmentally friendly alternative for diapering our children.


We invite you to sit back and browse our website. Learn a little bit about who we are, and how you can reduce your environmental footprint whilst saving time and money!

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For A Limited Time

Get three referrals, instead of four and receive free diaper service for your baby.

Our Guarantee..

If your baby (or children) that are on the service and not toilet trained in 2.5 years then your service will be free after that point!!!


Diaper service is only $19.99 a week!


The catch?  If you are committed to cloth and then committed to using us for your first year then your cost per week of diaper service will be just $19.99 a week, or $25.99 for twins. How it works is simple. Sign up for direct debit for your account. Your a new mother and signing up you will be charged our already low rate of $23.87 / week. This will be billed on the 1st and 15th of each month. At basically the 10th month of service your cost will drop to zero..You will be getting free diaper service for the last 2 months. There are still no contracts to sign or any obligation from you. It will happen automatically. Now this will take into account any weeks off you have had and not include that time that you have not received service. If you are still on the service after the first year we will continue to give you our 10% off PLUS repeat. That will mean you will pay only $17.99/week..