So you have some diapers that you wash at home but like everyone you need them stripped once and awhile. We can do that for you. There are two ways of getting this service. We come to pick up your diapers and then drop them off the same time the following week for just $45 or you come to us and drop off your diapers and we do the stripping and you can pick them up the next business day for $30. You just have to have them to any one of our locations before noon for this to happen.


You might ask yourself if you need this service? If you have surfed the forums you no doubt have learned that soap residue from improper rinsing and not hot enough water can cause repellence. There is also the issue with front load washers and not enough water. You might also have some nasty stains that you can't get rid of. We can help in that area as well. If your diapers smell of ammonia every time baby pees we can get rid of that as well. We are also washing experts.. Over 22 years  of experience just in diapers alone. I guess you can say we really know our crap!


With any washing of some one else's item there is a possibility that due to our high heat and stripping wash, there could be issues with your diapers. Issues such as shrinking, fabric break down and deterioration. This is more common with diapers that are cotton and have seen an experienced life. Natural fibres have a finite life. When it comes to commercial laundry, a typical cotton diaper has a wash life of 40 washes. We can not promise that your diapers if stripped and washed with us will look and be the same after our cycles. It is unfortunate that we have no way to determine how your diaper will wash out. A good guide is that if the diapers were new, and you have had them for approx. one and 1/2 years they should be ok.  There is a risk that your diapers might fail in our wash and drier cycles. We will do our best to prevent that if we detect any issues before hand.