We all know that even the die hard cloth user will grab for a disposable from time to time.. And why not? They are absorbable and you can toss them away and forget about the impact and foot print it leaves behind. Yet everyone faces the dilemma of going to a store and basically committing to buying a big box of disposable diapers. Happy Nappy would like to offer you a solution.. Environmental green disposable diapers made with wood pulp..that are biodegradable!

But wait there is more… 

We will pick them up from your house and take them back and have them recycled for you if that is an option.. We just ask that you set them out in a separate blue bag with your regular delivery. How easy and affordable is that!

We offer them in the the sizing below with a standard flat rate pricing.. purchased in packs of 10 for $5.00. You can order as part of your regular delivery or as a one off if planning a trip say.  Or even for those day cares that for some reason don't like cloth diapers.  The best part of this is that you are not buying a large box of diapers that sit in your house not being used and then being the wrong size.

So if you want a disposable diaper made from sustainably managed forests, are hypoallergenic and free of fragrances, latex and petroleum-based lotions give us a call today..

Sizes and ball park weights.

Newborn fits up to about 8 lbs  10 diapers for $5

Size 1 fits up to about 13 lbs  10 diapers for $5

Size 2 fits up to about 17 lbs  10 diapers for $5

greenheart.pngSize 3 fits up to about 23 lbs  10 diapers for $5

Size 4 fits up to about 27 lbs  10 diapers for $5

Size 5 fits up to about 35 lbs  10 diapers for $5

Size 6 fits up to about 35 lbs plus...10 diapers for $5