About Our Service

How many diapers should I order per week?

This depends on many factors, like whether your baby is breast- or bottle-fed, whether your baby is premature or full term, and whether you had a single baby or multiples. When you call to let us know that your baby has come home, we will be able to determine how many diapers you need based on these variables.

What size diapers would be best for my baby?

Every baby is different, so our diapers are made with different sized babies in mind. When you call to let us know that you have brought your newborn baby home, we will ask you a few short questions to make sure you receive the best size for your baby. We also carry extra stock so that when we are at your door we can give you another size to try.

What time of day will my diapers be delivered?

Your delivery day and time is determined by your location. Under normal circumstances, your driver will be at your home at approximately the same time each delivery day. Should we need to change your delivery schedule we will notify you well in advance of your new delivery day.

Should I use diaper covers?

Yes! Disposables have an exterior shell made of plastic to prevent leaks, but cloth diapers do not. We have a choice of covers that you can either rent or purchase from us. When you call, any one of our store owners can help you with that choice that is best for you.

Do I need to rinse or soak soiled diapers?

There is no rinsing or soaking with Happy Nappy’s carefree diapers. Our diapers by design, are odor fighting and antibacterial, which is activated by moisture and continually protects the diaper, even when it is in the container. All you do is deposit the soiled diaper in the container and leave the rest to us. Rinsing will drive the dirt into the diaper and actually make it worse.

What happens if I miss a pick-up?

If you forget to leave out soiled diapers, your driver still leaves a clean bundle for you. This means that your driver will need to pick up two weeks’ worth of soiled diapers the following week. Should you forget to leave your diapers out on an ongoing basis, there will be a $10 charge for our driver to return to your house to pick up the soiled diapers.

About Our Costs

How much does your service cost?

The cost of our service is simple, the way it should be. $23.87/week for unlimited diapers in any size. No need to count like other services, no need to worry about billing. One low simple price structure.  

When will I receive my first bill?

For billing purposes, your service begins on the first day of regular service (this does not include the pre-birth starter package). This is always after you bring your baby home.

How often am I billed?

Billing depends on your Happy Nappy location.  All locations bill on a semi-monthly billing schedule, the 1st and the 15th of every month for the following 2 weeks. Though this might change by a day or two due to holidays or weekends.

What if my Diapers are Stolen or Lost?

Unfortunately your account will be charged $20 per diaper. We do everything we can to ensure that the diapers are delivered in the same place requested by the client. Once our delivery driver drops off the diapers then our responsibility ends. There are some cases where we do not charge but this is handled at a local level on a case by case basis.

Why is there a delivery charge?

It has been over 4 years since we did any change to our price structure. We asked our customer base and they all agreed that the price was less than what they thought it should cost for this type of superior Service and diaper. We charge a small fee to help off set the crazy price of fuel. If the price of fuel goes down again we will remove this.

Another Service is offering a "copy" diaper and charging less can you match price?

Sure we can. We have published our pricing since the day we opened. It's all here in one page on our website. Our web master just can not keep changing it every few days  every time a new store opens and advertises lower prices than HAPPY NAPPY. So... just call HAPPY NAPPY and let us know the other guys price and we will match it.

About Happy Nappy

Why are your VANS diesel?

If you compare the energy that different fuels produce, diesel produces the most BTUs per liter than any other fuel. Diesel is the most efficient fuel, followed by gas, propane, and natural gas. Simply put, less diesel is used to travel the same distance than any other fuel. We are also working on having all our mobile diaper dispensing units (VANS) run solely on bio fuel. If you want to look at it another way, the less new carbon a fuel puts into the air, the better it is. Since we use less fuel than someone running on natural gas, we put less carbon (green house gas) into the air.

Why should I choose Happy Nappy?

It seems like every new diaper service is offering flat rates, pH balance diapers, form fit with snap closures and now coping our diapers and colours etc. But one thing distinguishes us from other cloth diaper services: we have never been satisfied with just being great. There is a reason why we are always looking at improving every part of our service.

We have diapered our own children and thousands of other children in Canada, and we know that everyone has something to add. We incorporate the feedback we receive from moms and dads into improvements to our diapers and our service. The Happy Nappy team constantly asks, “Can we do it better?” We simply want to have the best possible diaper service and the only way we can do that is by listening to our customers. We also manufacture our diapers. We can make changes to our products every time we cut or sew a new diaper. Unlike other services that either off shore their diaper or get it manufactured from some "manufacture" that just cares about making a product. Our diaper is made with your baby in mind and with a direct feedback loop. If we hear that x amount of people are leaving the service due to an issue with the diaper fit... we change it with your feed back.

By choosing Happy Nappy, you are choosing a diaper service that is actually operated from a family co-op. Families like you and your neighbours are the ones that make up the Happy Nappy team.

Check back often, because we are always listening and changing to improve to meet the needs of our families.

Reviews from people like you.

From time to time we hear things about us. You will probably do also. Below are some forums that will tell you a story about us and other people's experience. We value feedback. Good and not so good. It is the way we improve to be better.