So, how much does it really co$t to use Happy Nappy?

(the fine print that no other service makes public)

I want to sign up; I have never used Cloth Diapers before and am starting from scratch!

Your best option here would be to purchase the starter kit for $59.99. This option gives you everything you need to get started. If you are still pregnant, your starter pack is delivered to your home one to two weeks prior to your due date. If baby is already born you will receive your starter pack the next delivery day scheduled in your area.

The starter pack includes:

  • Your diaper pail (purchased it is not a rental)
  • Your first delivery of diapers
  • Delivery of 4-5 diaper cover rentals if you have chosen to rent them

***If you get a starter pack delivered to you and you are still pregnant, we do need you to call when your baby has arrived. You do not begin to get invoiced for your service until after you have used the diapers in your starter kit and we have done our first dirty diaper pick up from you***

I want to sign up but already have my own pail!

You simply pay $34.99. If you are still pregnant we will deliver your first delivery of diapers one week prior to your due date (this will not include a pail). If you already have a baby you will begin to pay for the service once you start to receive your diapers*. In addition to any covers you choose to rent.

How much does the service cost once I get started?

Weekly Rate- (Includes as many diapers as you need delivered on a weekly basis)- $23.87/week  Calgary special in effect. 
Covers (Optional, you may use your own) $0.98/week/each to rent or $18.99/each to purchase (3 is the avg. in home)

**A fuel surcharge ($2.92) might be charged if fuel and gas prices remain this high. We will remove this extra charge when prices start to come down again...we hope. **
Please note all purchases (including Gift Certificates) are non-refundable

We require the first month only as a commitment, after this period please let us know before the 8th or 22nd of each month for any holidays or cancelation.

*This may be waived by each store individually.

 You save over $1500 choosing Happy Nappy instead of disposable diapers! Our price is also at least $775 less than other services. Some other diaper services charge over $4/wk fuel charge and other such charges. Why would you choose anything else?

So you want it even cheaper? For every person you refer you get a free week. On the 4th referral get free service!

and more... call your local store to find out if they any other promotions running.

Happy Nappy cloth diaper service is simply the most economical, earth friendly choice you can make.

Remember the Happy Nappy Guarantee:

If you are using our service and your baby is not toilet trained at just 30 months, our service will be free until they are.

Check out our discounts to learn more ways to save with Happy Nappy.

Just the bullet format please....


Bronze Starter Pack for $34.99 + tax

Starter diapers delivered to you two weeks before your due date.
Covers that you wish to rent or purchase are delivered as well.

Silver Starter Pack for $59.99 + tax

  1. Starter diapers delivered to you two weeks before your due date.
  2. 14 gallon Diaper Pail with locking lid and charcoal filter.
  3. Covers that you wish to rent or purchase are delivered as well

Gold Starter Pack for $99.99 + tax

  1. Starter diapers delivered to you two weeks before your due date.
  2. 14 gallon Diaper Pail with locking lid.
  3. 3 Happy Nappy Fit as you Grow adjustable covers.
  4. Covers that you wish to rent are delivered as well

***Nothing else will be billed to you until after the arrival of your baby. Once baby is delivered please call us to begin your regular service.***





We are offering diaper service for just $19.99/wk and twins at $25.99/wk.

The catch?  If you are committed to cloth and then committed to using us for your first year then your cost per week of diaper service will be just $19.99 a week. How it works is simple. Sign up for direct debit for your account. Your a new mother and signing up you will be charged our already low rate of $23.87 / week. This will be billed on the 1st and 15th of each month. At basically the 10th month of service your cost will drop to zero..You will be getting free diaper service for free for the last 2 months. There are still no contracts to sign or any obligation from you. It will happen automatically. Now this will take into account any weeks off you have had and not include that time that you have not received service. If you are still on the service after the first year we will continue to give you our 10% off PLUS repeat. That will mean you will pay only $17.99/week..