Cost of Cloth Versus Disposable Diapers

So you have been reading all this information about cloth diapers and do you still think that it is cheaper to use disposables? Here are some numbers that tell a different story.

Cost of Disposables.

Based on purchasing Mega size bags at $25 per bag and an average of 8 changes/day.

Small Newborn to 2 months:
488 diapers at 80 per bag = 6.1 bags = $152.50 + gst = $160.13

Medium 2 months to 6 months:
976 diapers at 66 per bag = 14.8 bags = $370.00 + gst = $388.50

Large 6 months to 24 months:
4,392 diapers at 52 per bag = 84.5 bags = $2,112.50 + gst = $2218.13

Toddler 2 years to 3 years:
1,464 diapers at 44 per bag = 66.4 bags = $1,660.00 + gst = $1743.00

Total cost for disposable diapers = $4,509.76!

Now add all your incidentals: gas your vehicle uses to go get those diapers, the time it takes you to go get the diapers, the impulse buys you make while at the store... Also, did you forget to cut out that flyer coupon? You’ll find yourself in the over-priced aisle to pay $2 to $8 more.

There is now a trend for cities to charge you for garbage pick up. They always did in your taxes, but now they will charge you extra. There is also bi weekly pick up in most cities. That means full plastic diapers siting in your house or garage for two weeks at a time... yuck.

And what if you run out at 10 o'clock at night? You or your partner end up at the convenience store, paying even more. Worse, what if it's minus 20 degrees outside and you have to put your baby into that vehicle and drive on that icy road for more diapers? Why not let us bring the diapers to you?

So let's say an average of $2.50 per week for fuel, and other stuff = $390 Grand total $4,899.76 to diaper your baby in plastic diapers!

Finally, the cost to our earth with all the garbage produced by disposable diapers is something no one can afford. It's over one metric ton a year!

The HAPPY NAPPY Breakdown

Our weekly cost of diapers is $23.87 a week for unlimited diapers in any size. That works out to just $111.72 for a four week period, with taxes and delivery included. That's more surprises, extra charges or hidden charges like with other services.

So for the first year you pay $1452.36

The second year plus six months with us is 10% less. We call it our birthday gift for your baby. Year two plus six months is just $1960.69.

The total is just $3413.05 

Total savings if you were to use HAPPY NAPPY would be $1,786.20 in your jeans..

Why only to 2.5 years you ask? It's our guarantee... if your baby is toilet trained by 2.5 years your service is free!!

Now unlike any disposable diaper, if you tell people about our service and they sign up using your name, we will give you a free week of service! How many people do you know having children right now.. It's crazy we know. So if you refer 4 of those people we will give you free service for as long as you need it for your child. Check out our facebook page below to see all the referrals we get. We get that many because of two reasons.. 1- we all want free stuff and.. 2- we provide the best cloth diaper service that offers our own manufactured stay dry diaper that was designed to mimic a disposable.