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How Deliveries Work

Regular diaper pick-up and delivery begins when baby arrives. Once a week, on the same day, we will pick up the sac of soiled diapers and leave fresh ones. No need to be home for the delivery - simply leave the sac at outside the door.

No rinsing or soaking is required! Just put the soiled diapers (and microfiber wipes) into the naturally deodorized diaper pail. We do the rest!

Vacation and Service Holds

If you call before Tuesday (when payments are processed) there is no charge for a Vacation or Service Hold. Please understand that we try very hard to avoid unnecessary bank fees and charges and will try to help with last minute changes when possible.

The Pink Van

We are known for the Pink Van! It will appear weekly to amuse neighbours and friends! Don't worry, we don't mind when people point and laugh 🙂 The vans house a supply of diapers - so if you want to try the next size up, or need extras, we can do that right at your door. Leave the driver a note and they will take care of the rest.

Happy Nappy Pink Van

Not sure if we deliver?

If your town is not listed, or you live in a rural setting, please send us an email and we will see what we can do!