Happy Nappy Cloth Diaper


We want only the best fabrics next to baby's skin.

The Happy Nappy has an inner fabric that is thin, breathable, does not pill, and is dry to touch after 20 seconds! The outside is a specially designed terry-like microfiber that holds its shape and form. The fabrics are all-natural and some are sourced from recycled materials.

They also come in a rainbow of fun colours! Who said diaper changing should not be fun 🙂

Happy Nappy Cloth Diaper


The Happy Nappy competes head to head with disposable diapers.

They are the product of endless revisions based on customer reviews and feedback. We continue to look for ideas to evolve the Happy Nappy.

Of special note is that Happy Nappies vary slightly in snap placement and size. This is a reflection of our diaper evolution, as well as slight variations in the sewing techniques used by the local parents who hand-sew each Happy Nappy.

Happy Nappy Cloth Diaper


We know that babies come in every size and shape so we have developed 7 sizes.  Even the cut of the fabrics, how much they stretch and the types of the thread play a part in their great fit!

Latex-free elastic is used, at different lengths and tensions, to get different fits. Each diaper has many snaps to enable the best fit for your baby.