Microfiber Wipes Cloth Diapers

Microfiber Wipes


Disposable wipes have chemicals in them that either cause drying of tender newborn skin, or additives to smell nice. We offer microfiber wipes that are naturally antibacterial. Moisten them to effectively clean up all baby messes - faces, hands and bums!

Clients swear by soaking them in reusable containers with water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

No need to rinse, soak or sort. Pitch your dirty wipes into the Nappy Nappy diaper pail and receive a fresh stack with your weekly delivery!

Happy Nappy Diaper Covers

Newborn Diaper Covers

$8.99 for a month with 4 covers!

Why rent newborn covers? Babies do a lot of growing in the first 6 weeks and it doesn't make sense to invest in something so fleeting.

We manufacture our rental covers locally in several different designs to ensure we have covers that work for your baby. Once baby is over 10 pounds, contact us to discuss the next option!

Trust in our "No Questions Asked" exchange policy; we know that covers fail from time to time. Even if Rover decides to chew a hole in one - leave it out for the driver and we will exchange it at the door on your delivery day!

Happy Nappy Diaper Pail

Diaper Pails


Custom made Happy Nappy Diaper Pails are marked with our logo! They are just the right size to hold a week's worth of diapers, yet not too big that it takes up a lot of room!

Each pail is equipped with an activated charcoal filter to absorb nasty odours. The pail seals tightly to not allow smells to escape.  Your nose will be the guide as to when the filter needs to be changed - leave a note for the driver and we will leave a new filter on your delivery day. $3 per replacement activated charcoal filter

Happy Nappy Soothe Balm

Soothe Balm


It's been over 5 years in the making... but we're totally in love with our all natural Soothe Balm. We are sure you will agree that once you try it, you will wonder why ever needed anything else!

Perfect for baby's skin, no matter where the application. It goes on smoothly and the convenient stick leaves just the right amount. The biodegradable applicator has no sharp edges to harm delicate skin.

Soothe Balm works on all moody skin. Perfect for lips and angry patches of dry or inflamed skin.  You'll want designated stick for baby's bum 😉

Happy Nappy Room Spray

Room Spray


Happy Nappy Room Spray has a delightful, playful scent that reminds everyone of happy days of running through fields...

Gone are the offensive odours of burps, diapers or even stale car smells. We avoided the offensive odours of synthetic commercial room sprays that often overwhelm the senses.

Have a bottle in your bathroom for those special moments that you don't want to share.. at just $10, it's good 'cents.'

Happy Nappy Baby Wash

Baby Body Wash


Our suds made from simple and natural ingredients that clean, moisturize skin and leave only peace of mind behind. We created Baby Body Wash with a moisturizing oil base, so you'll need to shake it every once in a while to avoid settling. The oil base means less scrubbing to lift sticky messes, and less irritation for delicate skin.

It's your baby and you can cry if you want too, and honestly baby may too with eye contact... that's because we chose to avoid the additives and chemicals needed for 'no cry' formulations.

The one hand pump bottle is perfect for your wash area and provides the perfect amount of suds to do the job!

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If you want to order any of our products just let us know and we can deliver it to your door.