Happy Nappy Laundry

Our Process

Over the past decade we have painstakingly hunted for detergents to target our 'type' of dirt. We developed a 5-detergent proprietary wash system that has 2 complete wash cycles.  In addition to this, Happy Nappy products are rinsed twice and undergo a final wash to pH balance the fabrics.

We also have been busy in the workshop developing our own Ozone Wash. It kills mold and spores, 1000 times more potent than chlorine bleach, and destroys bacteria and viruses in about 30 seconds. We add our Ozone Wash 6 times during the wash process.


The sanitization process requires 3 things: detergents, heat (165F) and time.

The Happy Nappy wash system hits 170F for at least 20 minutes, twice - with 5 different detergents. The total time in our commercial washing machine is 55 minutes.  The dry cycle runs at 185F for at least 35 minutes.  What does that mean?  Clean, safe diapers.

We have been doing this 10 years before the covid-19 outbreak. No other service can match us. We take your health and safety seriously.


If you have any questions regarding our wash process please give us a call or send us an email.