Refund Policy:

We reserve the right to decline any refunds for service and do not accept refunds for any product that has been opened or used on person or baby.

One week subscription prepayments as well as the initial 4 weeks of service for new customers, are not refundable. If the required one week cancellation notice is not received by email at or by phone at either 7809804040 or 4032816100, the next week of service or portion of will be charged. A voice mail is acceptable notice as long as it contains your account name and or number.

Prepayments for longer periods are refundable using the following formula:

  • The portion of the prepaid period that has been used will be recalculated at our regular weekly rates to remove the prepayment discount.
  • The four week minimum still applies. This value will be subtracted from the total that was prepaid.
  • All extra discounts, promotions and incentives will also be removed and subtracted from the amount that was prepaid
  • The remaining balance will be refunded less a 25% processing and calculation fee.

Groupon coupons are non refundable by Happy Nappy.


Credit Card Policy:

To keep an account in active status a CC with current date must be attached to an individual file. A debit CC is also acceptable.